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the Mirror Finish

It's So Easy, It Should Be Illegal!

If you can Spray and Wipe, you can
Get a Mirror Finish on your Vehicle
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Why would you just wash your vehicle when in the same time
you can clean it, re-seal the paint, put a mirror finish
on it and protect it with an invisible force field?
And, you don't need any water to... Read more ➯

You Too Can Have a Clean, Shiny Car.
All you need is a bottle of Jack
and 2 microfiber cloths. Read More ➯

No Water?
No Worries!

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Give Your Car a Mirror Finish

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Spray waterless car wash onto your dirty vehicle and wait 30 to 60 seconds for Jack to start working. Gamma Technology uses molecules in road film, oil, salt, etc. to enhance cleaning and polish action. No need to pre-wash unless you have caked on mud.

Apply Jack to your vehicle
Wipe away Dirt


Wipe away dirt, bird poop, bug splatter, grease, oil and soil. NO SCRATCHING. Jack coats grit with lubricating emollients so they can’t scratch and dissolves road salt and converts it into polish. It Feels like soft body lotion on your paint.


Wipe away the haze. Haze indicates that the paint sealer is bonding to the paint. Haze is the residue. Each coat smooths the surface and fills in minor scratches and swirls.

Wipe Away Haze
Get Long Lasting Beautiful Shine


Stand back and admire your Beautiful, Long Lasting Mirror Finish. You can read a newspaper in the reflection. You can feel the difference. Not greasy or attract and hold duct like wax. Low surface energy resists dirt and fingerprints. Make your car clean, shiny and protected with our waterless car wash.


Wipe off dust with a microfiber cloth. Durable paint sealer resists scratching. Low Surface Energy coating resists the attachment of dirt. For mud or bird droppings, mist surface with water 1st or dampen microfiber cloth.

Easy to maintain
Spraying fine mist of water
Buff to restore Jack finish
Buff to restore Jack finish

What Do Others Say About Jack?

My Neighbour hates me.

My neighbour saw my clean shiny Porsche in the driveway and came over to tell me that San Diego had a water ban and that I should not be washing my car. I told him that i didn’t wash my car. He looked at my car and then at me and demanded to know how I got my car so clean and shiny without washing it. I could see that his cars were a mess and I knew he was always jealous of my Porsche.

I told him “you don’t know jack about car detailing”, turned around and walked back into my house.

OK, I’m a smart ass. So sue me.

Andy. San Diego CA

Done in minutes without water. Now that's Awesome. Watch Erik's VIDEO

Never Wash Your Car Again

It is so easy it should be illegal!

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