About jack


Changing the way you detail your car

jack is the exciting new discovery that will forever change the way that you clean, seal, shine and protect your vehicles finish. Why? Because jack will do all of these things in one easy step, saving you a time and money and best of all you’ll Never Have To Wash Your Car Again, Ever! You will absolutely love the shine. It puts a deep, reflective, mirror finish on your car that all your friends will be so envious of and it’s proven to stay shiny for at least a month, without washing.
Top 10 reasons to jack your car

It’s easy to get professional results

It’s easy to get professional results, Guaranteed! SPRAY JACK If you can spray and wipe, you can make your car, truck or motorcycle look like a professional detail shop spent 8 hours, or more, on it and you can do it yourself in 1 hour. jack uses modern chemistry to do all the work so you don’t have to. In the time it takes you to wash and dry your vehicle, you can jack it.


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Simple to maintain and use

Maintenance is simple. Just wipe your vehicle down with a microfiber cloth from time to time to remove any dust that didn’t blow off from driving to restore that “Downtown Shine”

jack uses leading edge technology for vehicle protection that will forever change the way that you clean and maintain your vehicle. Now your car will look like it was just detailed, every day, without the drudgery and expense.

That’s what jack is all about. If you can spray and wipe you can get professional results every time. We Guarantee it!

1. Spray Onto Clean or Dirty Vehicle. Wait 30-60 seconds.
2. Wipe away dirt, bird poop, bug splatter, grease, oil
3. Wipe away haze.
4. Beautiful, long lasting Mirror Finish

jack uses latest technologies

jack uses GAMMA TECHNOLOGY™ to synergistically combine the ingredients in the formula to do everything at once. Instead of washing, drying, compounding, sealing, waxing and glazing your car, jack does it all in one easy step and all you need is a bottle of jack and 2 microfiber cloths. It even uses some of the molecules in the dirt to assist with the cleaning and polishing process. jack also contains SALT BUSTERS™ to convert road salt into a cleaning and polishing aid, without scratching. jack uses imbricating emollients that instantly penetrates through the dirt and grit, lifting it off the surface and encapsulating it in lubricating emollients so it can’t scratch, making it safe for clear coat, plastics, chrome and glass. jack works on clean vehicles but also works well on dirty vehicles so there’s really no need to wash your car first

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gamma_smallsaltbustersUltra Low Surface Energy

jack seals your car paint and maintains the health of your paint

Every time you apply jack, you are applying a fresh coat of paint sealer to maintain the health of your paint finish. Today’s paint finishes rely on an outer coat of Clearcoat to protect the paint from environmental attack. Things like UV, ozone, infrared, acid rain, bird droppings, bug splatter, road film and other pollutants soon break down this protective coating, making your paint susceptible to fading, discoloration and chalking. Clearcoat needs to be constantly protected to maintain its integrity. jack will keep your paint looking better than brand new for as long as you own your vehicle.

jack charges your vehicles finish with a Low Surface Energy Coating

jack charges your vehicles finish with a Low Surface Energy Coating. It’s like an invisible force field that resist the attachment of dirt and grime and keeps your car’s paint clean for a month or more without washing. You can feel the difference immediately after application. It puts a diamond hard, super smooth finish on your paint. When you run your hand over the surface you will be able to tell that something special is going on. You’ll notice that there are no fingerprints and dust doesn’t stick to it. The most expensive wax or silicone polish can’t do that. Imagine, having the shiniest, cleanest car in the neighborhood without ever having to wash it again. Think of the time and money that you’ll save.