How To Use Jack Without Water

0. Preparation – What you’ll need

blazer_1 You’ll need couple micro fiber towels and a bottle of jack.

For best results and ease of use, we recommend that you use jack on a warm or reasonably cool surface. If the surface is below freezing, jack will freeze on contact. If too hot it will dry too quickly and be difficult to remove.

TIP: Use this rule of thumb: If you can’t comfortably put your hand on your vehicle it’s either too hot or too cold to apply jack.

1. Application


Work on a approximately 6 square feet section at a time, more or less depending on ambient temperature.SPRAY JACK If it’s warm work on a smaller area so that you can wipe off the haze before it completely dries as this will be more difficult. If it’s cooler you can do a larger area as drying will be slower. If the haze dries and is difficult to remove, simply spray a bit more jack onto the surface and remove it.

Hold the bottle approximately 12 inches from the car and spray an even coat of jack onto the first panel using sweeping motion. Don’t spray into cracks and crevices and similar hard to reach areas of your car, otherwise it will be more difficult to wipe away the haze. Wait 20-30 seconds for jack to penetrate through the dirt and react with salt, road grime etc. jack won’t scratch. The surface active emollients will encapsulate any grit and dissolve salt to prevent this. You can feel how smooth and slippery it is with your fingers.

2. Wipe Off Dirt, Salt, Pollution, Road Grime

drywash1 Spray a light coat of jack onto a clean, folded microfiber cloth. Wipe the dirt off the surface using a “Wipe and Lift” technique.

When the cloth gets dirty fold it and use a clean side. Heavy bug splatter, dried on bird poop, road tar etc. may require several applications with longer wait periods and a bit of rubbing to remove.SPRAY JACK

3. Wipe Away Haze

When the haze forms but before it dries completely, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it away by buffing lightly and quickly in a circular motion. The shine will appear as soon as the haze is removed. 

Fold the cloth so that when one surface becomes loaded with the haze residue you can use a fresh surface.

Oxidized or badly deteriorated surfaces may require a second application with more vigorous rubbing with jack until a shiny surface appears.

4. Maintaining the jack Shine

blazer_8 jack creates a hard, shiny, clear, Ultra Low Surface Energy coating that protects your car for a 4 to 8 weeks and makes it difficult for dirt to stick. 


When the protected surface gets dirty or dusty just wipe it off with a micro-fiber cloth to restore the brilliant mirror finish. The hard coating created by jack resists abrasion and will protect you paint from scratches and make maintaining your shiny car a breeze. In the even that you get tough dirt on your vehicle, such as bird poop, bug splatter, road tar etc., spray a fine mist of water onto the dirt, use a damp microfiber cloth to remove it and buff with a dry microfiber cloth to restore the finish.

The more you use jack, the easier it is to maintain the freshly detailed look, and the greater the protection. SPRAY JACK

5. Important notes:

jack works best with clean or light to moderately dirty cars. If your car is heavily soiled rinse it with water or pre-wash in severe cases. 

Use common sense – jack can encapsulate, lubricate and lift tiny dirt particles, not small rocks and chunks of soil.

When a towel gets too soiled replace it with a clean one. If the surface dries and it’s gets too hard to buff off the haze, spray little jack on the buffing cloth or onto the surface and try again – it will make it easy again.

Safe for all hard surfaces: Clear coat, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass, aluminum & glass.