About Us

jack ™ Car Care is a division of Aurora Marine Industries Inc. Aurora Marine has been inventing and developing advanced innovative solutions to marine maintenance problems since 1980. Their proven technologies and products are respected as the best in the World. jack Car Care was created as a separate division to provide the same high tech solutions to car care that they have for boats. The marine environment is the most demanding on the planet. Automotive products used to protect boats usually fail in short order, leaving expensive boats vulnerable to environmental attack, whereas marine products can provide superior and long lasting protection to automobiles.

How Jack Started

jack was discovered serendipitously or by accident. During winter millions of tons of road salt are spread on the roads and highways in the Northern US states and in Canada, to provide traction in slippery conditions. This is necessary for the safety of motorists but really makes a mess of automobiles, not to mention the billions of dollars in corrosion damage. In the cold, snowy winter months, car clean up and detailing is not easy or convenient.

Because of the companies long experience in dealing with protecting boats from salt water we thought we could find the solution to protecting cars from the fate of road salt during the winter.


The scientists at Aurora Marine began working with their proprietary Salt Busters™ discovery. Instead of fighting to rid automobile of salt, they could chemically separate the molecules, using some to enhance the cleaning properties while safely discarding the destructive ones, thus eliminating the damage to vehicles.

It was while working on this winter cleaner that they discovered that by using their proprietary Gamma Technology™ to combine and recombine molecules while the product was in use that they could add other cleaners and polymers and they would all act in harmony. In addition to using molecules in salt, this new discovery would also use some of the molecules in the dirt and grime that it was cleaning to accelerate and enhance the cleaning, shining and protecting properties. The result was jack; a super cleaner, paint sealer, protective coating with Ultra Low Surface Energy and a shine with the greatest depth of image of any polish or coating available.