Everything you need to know about Jack

How come it doesn’t scratch the paint?

jack uses modern synergistic chemistry to protect your vehicles finish. It penetrates down through the dirt, grime and pollutants on your vehicle lifting them off the surface and encapsulates the grit in a lubricating emollient so that it can’t scratch. When you spray it onto your vehicle you can feel the smooth emollients with your finger tips. It almost feels like you are applying a gentle hand cream to your cars finish. It even fills in minor swirl marks left by previous car washing.

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What is Synergistic Chemistry?

The ingredients in jack work together so that the performance of the products is greater than if the products were to work individually. In addition, jack attracts and uses some of the beneficial molecules in the dirt, grime even road salt to enhance its cleaning and protecting abilities while discarding those that don’t add any benefit or that may damage your finish, so that they can be wiped away.

Can I use jack on windows and mirrors?

Yes, jack is safe to use on windows and mirrors, inside and out. Just remember to use a little bit of product and buff it right away before it dries to a haze. In addition to cleaning your windows, you are also polishing them

Is this product a private-label brand?

No, jack is one of many great products invented and manufactured by Aurora Marine Industries in its Canadian factory.

What surfaces can I use jack on?

jack is safe for all hard, smooth, surfaces on cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles, limousines, ATV’s, snowmobiles, boats, aircraft and any other vehicle. It can be used on paint, chrome, plastic, glass and mirrors.

How long will my car stay shiny?

It depends on the conditions. The Ultra Low Surface Energy charge lasts 4 weeks or more even though the polymeric coating continues to protect your vehicle longer.

Why is jack better than wax?

Unlike soft waxed finishes and paint sealants, jack is not greasy or oily. It will not attract and hold dust, dirt, fingerprints and pollutants against the paint. The finish is smooth and diamond hard.

Does it hurt to reapply jack too often?

The more you use it the smoother and shinier the finish becomes. When your car gets dusty and dirty again, just wipe away the pollutants with a damp microfiber cloth. No washing required. When the dust and dirt starts to stick, it’s time to reapply jack.

Does jack build up?

No. jack is sacrificial to it takes the damage and abuse that your vehicles finish normally would. The new application of jack removes any damaged jack along with the dirt and pollutants that can attack your vehicles surface and continues to protect it.

How many applications will I get from one bottle of jack?

It depends on couple of factors: size of your car, how dirty it was and how experienced you are with the product. Usually 2-4 complete applications.

Can I use jack to clean the winter salt off?

Yes, you can. jack contains Salt Busters™ making it the perfect winter car maintenance product. When you spray jack onto the salt on your vehicle, you can see it convert the hard salt crystals into a creamy liquid as it breaks up the molecules. It feels like hand cream. The salt, in this form, helps to clean and shine your vehicle. The unused, destructive ingredients are wiped away from your vehicles finish.

It sounds too good to be true. How do I know it’s going to work like you say?

jack is Guaranteed to work as we claim or You Get Your Money Back! You have no risk.

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