How to clean, protect and polish tires on your vehicle using Jack Trim N’ Tire

Cleaning car tire with trim n' tire

Cleaning car tire with trim n’ tire

The beautiful car with dirty brake dust covered wheels and tires is like a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress wearing muddy shoes. That is just wrong!

Your tires are accumulating most dirt and pollutants on your vehicle while you drive. If you allow for dust and pollutants to accumulate on your tires and in the wheel well’s, you are enabling corrosive elements that can damage the effectiveness of your brake pads. Every driver wants maximum security while driving the car, and keeping corrosion away from brake pads is important.

There are many specialized car detailing products. Certain waxes, quick detailers and wheel cleaners can be very specialized and indispensable in your quest for a perfectly clean car. What about a full solution to clean, protect and polish car tires? What about a full solution that uses no water, no mess on the ground and takes minutes to complete?

Our solution for tire cleaning, tire polishing, and tire protection is Trim N’ Tire. The full solution for detailing your vehicle tires using no water, no mess and takes minutes to complete.

TRIM N’ TIRE is tire cleaner, tire protectant, and tire polisher. It leaves a long lasting protective coating all in One easy Step. It beads water and doesn’t wash off the first time you go through a puddle or when it rains. It’s not greasy or oily and does not hold dirt or falling off all over the side of your vehicle. It gives your tires that deep black look they had when they were brand new. Dust wipes off easily with a microfiber cloth. It lasts for weeks and protects your tires and trim against UV damage.

Now that you know what is Trim N’ Tire, let’s see how to clean, protect and polish tires and give them that luxurious, rich, deep black look they had when your vehicle came from the factory.

Before we start, we would need to make sure we have 1 bottle of Trim N’ Tire, 1 microfiber cloth and 1 sponge.

  1. The first step is to spray Trim N’ Tire onto tires.
  2. Then Remove dirt, brown oxidation & break dust with a sponge. In this step, you can already see the results. Your tires will be clean and have the same color as the new one.
  3. Buff to a hard, low luster finish. The tires look like new and have luxurious, rich, deep black look.
  4. Last for weeks. Won’t wash off with rain. Easy to maintain. Wipe clean with microfiber cloth

After you cleaned your tires with Trim N’ Tire you can maintain that look for weeks. Just wipe off the dust with a microfiber cloth. It really is that easy to keep your vehicle looking like it was just detailed. Dirt won’t stick!

Use TRIM N’ TIRE jack on: Rubber, black plastic, and vinyl. Tires, wheel wells, door handles, running boards, bumpers, side trim, moldings, mirror housing, window trim, windshield wipers.

It is important to keep your tires clean and protected. We showed to you how you can use Trim N’ Tire to clean, polish and protect your tires. Look of your tires can greatly influence the look of your car. So make sure you take a good care of them. Trim N’ Tire will make your trims look like new, it will refresh your car and once it is applied, it lasts for weeks. What means it is easy to maintain and will save you a ton of time and money. Trim N’ Tire comes with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Did you already try Trim N’ Tire? If you did please send us photos, videos or notes with your experiences and results. If you did not try Trim N’ Tire, what are you waiting for?