Jack Advanced Technologies

Gamma Technology

Ultra Low Surface Energy

Salt Busters

  • Uses Synergy to clean, protect and shine your vehicle.

    • Ingredients work together for maximum performance

    • Ingredients use salt, dirt, pollutants to enhance cleaning & polishing performance

  • Works quickly. Synergy accelerates cleaning action to remove dirt, grime, pollution, bird faces, bug splatter, oxidation. Deep cleans paint to restore original color.

  • Protective paint sealer increases life of paint.

    • Smoothes finish
    • Protects against UV, pollution, fading, minor abrasion
    • Enhances paint color
  • Mirror Finish Shine.

    • Greatest depth of image of any coating or polish
    • Fills in minor swirl marks
    • Adds Sparkle.
  • Saves Money. One product replaces soap, water, clay bar, compound sealer, glaze, wax plus you get better results

  • Resist attachment of dirt, grime, brake dust, pollutants, acid rain.

  • Polymeric coating reseals paint. Smooth finish without compounding or clay bar

  • Durable, smooth, hard surface, resist abrasion

  • Easy to maintain. Wipe clean with microfiber cloth

  • Mirror finish. Incredible Depth of Image. Outshines high end, labor intensive, concours wax

  • Reacts with salt & converts it into a cleaning & polishing aid.

  • Won’t scratch. surface active emollients lifts dirt of the surface & lubricates grit. Feel like smooth hand cream.

  • Use jack 12 months of the year. Detail your vehicle anywhere. Garage, underground, parking, driveway, side of the road

jack Products Works Like a Magic!

Using above technologies we created durable and quality products that gives proven results.

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