jack jack is the exciting new discovery that will forever change the way that you clean, seal, shine and protect your vehicles finish. Why? Because jack will do all of these things in one easy step, saving you a time and money and best of all youíll Never Have To Wash Your Car Again, Ever! You will absolutely love the shine. It puts a deep, reflective, mirror finish on your car that all your friends will be so envious of and itís proven to stay shiny for at least a month, without washing.

Itís easy to get professional results, Guaranteed! If you can spray and wipe, you can make your car, truck or motorcycle look like a professional detail shop spent 8 hours, or more, on it and you can do it yourself in 1 hour. jack uses modern chemistry to do all the work so you donít have to. In the time it takes you to wash and dry your vehicle, you can jack it.

jack uses GAMMA TECHNOLOGYô to synergistically combine the ingredients in the formula to do everything at once. Instead of washing, drying, compounding, sealing, waxing and glazing your car, jack does it all in one easy step and all you need is a bottle of jack and 2 microfiber cloths. It even uses some of the molecules in the dirt. jack also contains SALT BUSTERSô to convert road salt into a cleaning and polishing aid, without scratching. jack instantly penetrates through the dirt and grit, lifting it off the surface and encapsulating it in a lubricating emollient so it canít scratch, making it safe for clear coat, plastics, chrome and glass. jack works on clean vehicles but also works well on dirty vehicles so thereís really no need to wash your car first

Every time you apply jack, you are applying a fresh coat of paint sealer to maintain the health of your paint finish. Todayís paint finishes rely on an outer coat of Clearcoat to protect the paint from environmental attack. Things like UV, ozone, infrared, acid rain, bird droppings, bug splatter, road film and other pollutants soon break down this protective coating, making your paint susceptible to fading, discoloration and even chalking. Clearcoat needs to be constantly protected to maintain its integrity. jack will keep your paint looking better than brand new.

jack charges your vehicles finish with Ultra Low Surface Energy. Itís like an invisible force field that resist the attachment of dirt and grime and keeps your cars paint clean for a month or more without washing. You can feel the difference immediately after application. It puts a diamond hard, super smooth finish on your paint. When you run your hand over the surface you will be able to tell that something special is going on. Youíll notice that there are no finger prints and dust doesnít stick to it. The most expensive wax or silicone polish canít do that. Imagine, having the shiniest, cleanest car in the neighborhood without ever having to wash it again. Think of the time and money that youíll save.

Maintenance is simple. Just wipe your vehicle down with a micro fiber cloth from time to time to remove any dust that didnít blow off from driving to restore that "Downtown Shine"

jack uses leading edge technology for vehicle protection that will forever change the way that you clean and maintain your vehicle. Now your car will look like it was just detailed, every day, without the drudgery and expense.

Thatís what jack is all about. If you can spray and wipe you can get professional results every time. We Guarantee it!


Gamma Technology  
Ultra Low Surface Energy
  Salt Busters


How to Use jack?

0. Preparation – What you’ll need

BEFORE: Dirty, Salt Covered Vehicle in Winter

You’ll need couple micro fiber towels and a bottle of jack.

For best results and ease of use, we recommend that you use jack on a warm or reasonably cool surface. If the surface is below freezing, jack will freeze on contact. If too hot it will dry too quickly and be difficult to remove.

TIP: Use this rule of thumb: If you canít comfortably put your hand on your vehicle itís either too hot or too cold to apply jack.

1. Application

Work on a approximately 6 square feet section at a time, more or less depending on ambient temperature.SPRAY JACK If itís warm work on a smaller area so that you can wipe off the haze before it completely dries as this will be more difficult. If itís cooler you can do a larger area as drying will be slower. If the haze dries and is difficult to remove, simply spray a bit more jack onto the surface and remove it.

Hold the bottle approximately 12 inches from the car and spray an even coat of jack onto the first panel using sweeping motion. Donít spray into cracks and crevices and similar hard to reach areas of your car, otherwise it will be more difficult to wipe away the haze. Wait 20-30 seconds for jack to penetrate through the dirt and react with salt, road grime etc. jack wonít scratch. The surface active emollients will encapsulate any grit and dissolve salt to prevent this. You can feel how smooth and slippery it is with your fingers.

2. Wipe Off Dirt, Salt, Pollution, Road Grime

Spray a light coat of jack onto a clean, folded microfiber cloth. Wipe the dirt off the surface using a ďWipe and LiftĒ technique.

When the cloth gets dirty fold it and use a clean side. Heavy bug splatter, dried on bird poop, road tar etc. may require several applications with longer wait periods and a bit of rubbing to remove.SPRAY JACK

3. Wipe Away Haze

When the haze forms but before it dries completely, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe it away by buffing lightly and quickly in a circular motion. The shine will appear as soon as the haze is removed.

Fold the cloth so that when one surface becomes loaded with the haze residue you can use a fresh surface.

Oxidized or badly deteriorated surfaces may require a second application with more vigorous rubbing with jack until a shiny surface appears.

4. Maintaining the jack Shine

jack creates a hard, shiny, clear, Ultra Low Surface Energy coating that protects your car for a 4 to 8 weeks and makes it difficult for dirt to stick.

When the protected surface gets dirty or dusty just wipe it off with a micro-fiber cloth to restore the brilliant mirror finish. The hard coating created by jack resists abrasion and will protect you paint from scratches and make maintaining your shiny car a breeze. In the even that you get tough dirt on your vehicle, such as bird poop, bug splatter, road tar etc., spray a fine mist of water onto the dirt, use a damp microfiber cloth to remove it and buff with a dry microfiber cloth to restore the finish.

The more you use jack, the easier it is to maintain the freshly detailed look, and the greater the protection. SPRAY JACK

5. Important notes:

jack works best with clean or light to moderately dirty cars. If your car is heavily soiled rinse it with water or pre-wash in severe cases.

Use common sense Ė jack can encapsulate, lubricate and lift tiny dirt particles, not small rocks and chunks of soil.

When a towel gets too soiled replace it with a clean one. If the surface dries and itís gets too hard to buff off the haze, spray little jack on the buffing cloth or onto the surface and try again - it will make it easy again.

Safe for all hard surfaces: Clear coat, plastic, stainless steel, chrome, fiberglass, aluminum & glass.

wheel jackWHEEL jack uses advanced Gamma Technology to Clean, Shine and Protect your valuable alloy wheels in One Easy Step. WHEEL jack saves you both Time and Money. In less time than it takes you to clean the brake dust off your wheels (if you can) WHEEL jack will have them sparkling clean, shining like brand new and protected with an Ultra Low Surface Energy coating that will prevent brake dust and other pollutants from staining, pitting and corroding your expensive wheels. WHEEL jack saves you the cost of strong cleaners, buffing wheels on a drill, polishes to get the shine back and wax that doesnít work and can accelerate the corrosion process.

A clean wheel is the mark of professional auto detailing. Knowing how to clean wheels is only part of the equation. Having the right product and tools to do the job quickly and easily and to get long lasting results is the other. Brake dust is very corrosive. Using an alloy wheel cleaner to remove brake dust is not always the best way to clean wheels. Most are corrosive chemicals themselves and overspray is always a problem. WHEEL jack not only cleans your expensive wheels quickly and safely but it also leave a protective coating on them to prevent future attachment of brake dust and protect against corrosion and pitting.

WHEEL jack is like putting an Invisible Force Field on your wheels. You will be able to feel the difference immediately. Maintenance couldnít be easier. Just wipe the brake dust and road grime off with a microfiber cloth. Yea, I know, itís hard to believe but thatís all there is to it. No soap, no water, no mess, no corrosive cleaners all over the place including the driveway, your brakes and tires. ---- just wipe your wheels clean with a microfiber cloth. Thatís it! You will absolutely love how quick and easy it is to maintain the original shine, not to mention the envious glances youíll get.

SPRAY JACK WHEEL jack is amazing and itís guaranteed to work as advertised or you get your money back. What could be more fair?

If I sound excited about this new discovery, thatís because I am. I love a clean shiny car but I hate all the work it takes to keep it that way and the frustration when two days later it looks like you need to start all over again. If youíve ever cleaned the wheels on a German car, you know exactly what Iím talking about. They import their brake dust from hell. The worst part of keeping youíre your vehicle detailed is looking after the wheels. This used to be a daily grind, but not any more.

Itís so easy it should be illegal. Just wipe away the brake dust with a microfiber cloth. Itís proven to last for a full month and gets easier each time you re-apply it.

Cleaning brake dust with WHEEL jack is as easy as 1 Ė 2 - 3

Wipe on WHEEL jack & wipe away
brake dust, road grime, grease, oil, salt
Wipe away haze.
Deep Shine. Stops brake dust
and dirt from sticking.

But wait, thereís more ÖÖ.

WHEEL jack also contains SALT BUSTERS to clean away corrosive road salt in the winter, without scratching. When you apply WHEEL jack to your dirty, salt covered wheels it dissolves the salt and converts it into a smooth, creamy, cleaning and polishing aid making clean up even easier. You still get the Ultra Low Surface Energy coating to protect your wheels from corrosion and pitting. WHEEL jack is the wheel product for all seasons.

Once you go jack, youíll never go back!

trim n tireTRIM Ní TIRE jack cleans your tires and leaves a long lasting protective coating all in One easy Step. It beads water and doesnít wash off the first time you go through a puddle or when it rains. Itís not greasy or oily and does not hold dirt or fling off all over the side of your vehicle. It gives your tires that deep black look they had when they were brand new. Dust wipes off easily with a microfiber cloth. It lasts for weeks and protects your tires and trim against UV damage.

You save time and money. You donít need a separate cleaner and then a protector for your tires and you can use the same product for the wheel wells to get that high end professionally detailed look and then use it on all your black trim. It works on plastic as well as rubber. Not only does it clean but restores the original look your tires and trim had when they were new.

Forget the fake, oily, wet look. TRIM Ní TIRE jack is proven to give your wheels, moldings and trim that luxurious, rich, deep black look they had when your vehicle came from the factory. It doesnít fling off all over the side of your car or wipe off on your clothes and hands.

TRIM Ní TIRE jack restores the black look to brown tires and faded grey trim that used to be black and it has superior UV protection to keep them black. Itís proven to protects against UV, ozone, pollution, acid rain, and the attachment of dirt. Itís safe for all rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces, even windshield wiper blades.

Maintenance: Youíll love how easy it is to keep that rich black look. Just wipe off the dust with a microfiber cloth. It really is that easy to keep your vehicle looking like it was just detailed. Dirt wonít stick!

TRIM Ní TIRE jack is durable. It lasts for weeks, even when itís raining. When the surface begins to dull or it starts to get harder to wipe away the dust, just apply another coat. It only takes a few minutes and all you need is a bottle of TRIM Ní TIRE jack a sponge and cloth. Remember, it cleans, shines and protects all in One Easy Step so thereís no hassle with soap, water, sponges, mess and oil dressings that donít protect or last. Car buffs keep a bottle in their trunk so they can do touch upís whenever itís convenient.

Use TRIM Ní TIRE jack on: Rubber, black plastic and vinyl. Tires, wheel wells, door handles, running boards, bumpers, side trim, moldings, mirror housing, window trim, windshield wipers.